Airport data acquisition that exists in Navigraph

Dear navigraph development team:

Hello!I’m a solo developer from China.Recently, I have had some troubles, and Navigraph, as one of the most famous products in simulated flight in the world today, has the most development experience and a long history of growth, and it is because of this that I am writing to you. I believe that Navigraph’s extensive development experience may be of some help to me.

At present, I am personally developing the Chinese sector file of EuroScope, but I further studied the sector of EuroScope and found that the airport data (such as taxiway, parking spot, runway, lawn, etc.) is composed of a pile of point coordinates. As far as I know, there is currently no effective way to locate the coordinates of these points, and my sector development has fallen into a huge barren situation. I am also a subscriber of Navigraph. When using Navigraph Charts, I found that in conjunction with Navigraph Simlink and simulator, zooming the Navigraph Charts map to the maximum would accurately display airport taxiways, parking spots, runways and other details. The exact position of the aircraft is also displayed in the Charts. Therefore, I would like to know how Navigraph solves this problem, and your research ideas will be of great help to my development work.

Thank you again for reading this letter, and once again express my sincere gratitude!

Best wishes!

Haomin Chen


We appreciate your subscription and kind words.

However, the information you are seeking is from our proprietary data and we are unable to provide this assistance. We hope you understand


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