Adding types

I’m a new user. Generally, how do profiles get added? I would like Beechcraft Bonanza G36. Also, it seems odd that there are no Piper planes? Thanks



Please search forum on “Piper”.

You will see threads like Need more GA aircraft, how to do this? and Airframe Types Missing - #2 by mryan75.

We shall consider more GA profiles as we progress the next Charts version currently in development.


Thanks for your response and the link to Navigraph’s response that GA aircraft like these “shall be considered for the next release.” That didn’t fully answer my question. Do Profiles only get added with version updates to Charts? And, what might the time table be for an update? I’m a new user and have no idea about your update cycle. I don’t have any idea how complex adding profiles might be? Thanks! This is a very useful tool!

Major Charts updates are infrequent. Profiles additions are more frequent but depend on many factors including demand, amount of work involved, development commitments etc.

We shall try to get a more definitive answer on your requests.


Thanks Ian for your reply. This is an excellent tool! With major improvements for GA aircraft in MSFS 20 including realism improvements to FMS systems like Working Title is doing for Asobo with the Garmin 1000NXi, planes like the G36 would be a valuable addition to SimBrief profiles. Thanks.