Airframe Profile Request - CESSNA 414AW CHANCELLOR

Not sure if there is already a profile that compares to this aircraft that I can use for now, if so I am happy to use that if someone can point me in right direction. If there is not a profile currently that compares then I would like to please request one be created for the C414.


Hello, try the Barron 58, I bet they are close.

Will do, thank you for the tip!

Also requesting Cessna 414AW. The Baron 58 profile is sadly not close. Generated FP’s are always under 10,000ft cruise alt using SimBrief. For a pressurized twin with a ceiling of 30,000ft. Therefore fuel calculations are also way off, as are trip/climb/descent times.

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This is appreciated thank you

I’d like this profile to be added as well so we dont have to mess around selecting other profiles that do not directly match as it has problems when i do this with my virtual airline I am with.



Toby has kindly posted a profile two posts above?


I think Grolsche did not mean the profile but the base type of aircraft.

I also think it’d be indeed nice to have the C414 as a base type of aircraft on simbrief.

Profiles that are created with the BE58 as a base type are unfortunately very inaccurate as others already have reported.
Climb performances, engine power, service ceiling and other things are just too different from the baron 58.

So as said, it’d be much apreciated by many people to have this added. :slight_smile:



PS: I’m part of the flysimware test team. so if you need any information about the aircraft, just ping me. I’ll be able to get it. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve added the aircraft profile. Let me know if it works as expected.

Best regards,

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Yes that is what I was meaning. I will test it later today and let you know. Thanks for your help.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: This looks way better already.

With the MSFS version of this plane there are a few minor things that are different.

Here are the points that i found where different:

Engines: TSIO-520-NB not TSIOL-550A
Performance Code: B
Transponder equipment: C
PBN Capability: A1B2C2D2L1O2S1S2T1

OEW: 5116 lbs
MZFW: 6515 lbs
MTOW: 7087 lbs
MLW: 7087 lbs
Max Fuel Capacity: 1236lbs

And it works great, thank you for adding this!

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