Aircraft Request: Challenger 650

I’m the lead developer on the Hot Start Challenger 650 project and I’d like to request that this aircraft type (ICAO: CL60) be added into Simbrief’s list of available aircraft types for dispatch. We have direct integration of many of Simbrief’s dispatch/flight planning features, as well as Navigraph charts directly in the product, so having a matching aircraft type would be great for our users to provide a one-step solution to their need to use Simbrief efficiently. The aircraft will be releasing in the coming weeks, so I’d like to get the ball rolling now.
I can provide detailed climb/cruise/descent performance tables. Currently, we’re using a modified CL30 base template with adjusted fuel flows, but having a better matching model would be great. Notably, the cruise speed profile on the CL30 base template doesn’t really match the CL60 and it would be great if we could have it adjusted a bit. The CL60 cruises typically at M.80 for fast cruise, M.77 to M.78 for long-range cruise, and is limited to FL410. Initial max cruise altitude at MTOW (48,200 lbs or 21,863 kg) is FL370. Max fuel capacity is approximately 20,200 lbs (9,162 kg).
Again, I can provide much more detailed tables as needed.

Appreciate all the help!


Hi, please email me any performance data you have to and I will take a look!

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Thank you, e-mail sent. Appreciate the help!

Thanks, the aircraft has now been added.

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Wow, this is amazingly quick! Thank you again for all the help!

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