Airac not updating in Fenix EFB

I updated my airac in the Hub as usual. My Fenix mcdu shows the latest airac but the EFB still shows the last Airac.

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I have the same issue. Any suggestions anyone?

sorry, I have overseen this posting …

Can you confirm, that you have the current Navigraph Hub version installed (v1.2.3)? Because I can´t reproduce this issue - I have updated it and see the current cycle in the FMS

Can you take a screenshot too please?

Thank you,

I solved my issue. Turned out to be(as often is the case) something in my Community folder. I kicked out the two things added at time of new Airac. One was a scenery for EDDV, the other was a 4 part scenery addon for KMSP. I haven’t reloaded either yet to figure out which is the offending.

I think I posted that I found the solution. Somewhere I should have looked first. I removed a couple of sceneries from community that I added at the time of new Airac. Once removed the Efb shows the correct 2309 Airac. One scenery was Eddv and the other a 4 part for Kmsp. Thx for responding. Love all my Navigraph products. Cheers.

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