Airac does not update tracks and routes

good morning
I installed navigrath hub, simlink among others and it still doesn’t update the information in the game.



Can someone help me?

and welcome, I can’t really follow you nor do I understand the posting with the screenshots.

On the screenshots you show runways, which are different between SimBrief and MSFS. The reason is, that the MSFS stock scenery is outdated and we may not change runway idents. So this should report to MS/ASOBO that they can change it.

On the topic you wrote something of tracks and routes. What do you mean with that? The AIRAC doesn’t contain any tracks and when you mean routes as airways, which airway does you mean and why the screenshots with the runway?

Sorry, but it’s very confusing … Please can you describe in more detail what you really mean?

Thank you,

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