AIRAC 2012 update causes aa Earth_fix.dat error

When I do the update on FMS Manager and start XP11 I get an error right away saying the version is 600 not 1100 or 1101

You are using the wrong XP11 dataset. There are two available:
One for XP11.4x and below and one for XP11.5x and above - download the right one and it should work.

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I’m using FMS Manager…it doesn’t show what version of XP11, how do I change the version to XP11.5?

Look on the XP11 title in the FMS Data Manager? Here you see the installed version.

What XP11 version do you use? And do you have only one XP11 version installed?

When you look on the settings page in the FMS data manager, is the XP11 path correct to your using XP11 version?


I’m running 11.5. No other version installed.
I don’t see any version info on FMS Manager, just shows XP11, no version anywhere I can see.
Path shows path to XP11/Custom Data

You don´t see such line?

Please can you make a screenshot, what you see on the “Addon List” page?

Which FMS Data Version do you use? You should use v1.8.5.1105 (look on the “Settings” page:

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I think I got it.
Thanks for your help Richard.

Great, no problem - let us know, when not …

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