Navigational data failed message

Hi Ian, I am having this trouble. Mi X-plane is the 11.00 version, but the airac avaliable is for the 11.5 version, so when I try to open the simulator this message appears:

I appreciate your help.



Did you use the latest FMS Data Manager or copy manually?

Make sure you install X-Plane 11 dataset and not X-Plane 10.

You may need to run … your X-Plane 11\X-Plane 11 Installer.exe to clean out files, then install X-Plane 11 dataset using FMS Data Manager.


… you’re using an outdated XP11 version. Please update to the latest XP11.5x version. The current XP11 dataset isn’t compatible with versions below.

So, please update your XP11 and all should work

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