Add WFR/AT98 Wolf's Fang

It would be great to have the only private operatet airport in Antarctica in the library so that you could plan flights to and from there.

Wolf’s Fang has the ICAO code AT98.

It has no RNAV or anything else. It is an all visual landing field with a approx. 3000m blue ice runway.

sorry Wolf’s Fang has no icao code. AT98 is only a internal identifier which we can’t use as icao code to avoid duplicates now and possible in the future.

We can’t add such airports, sorry.



thank you for the answer. If you search Wolf’s Fang on FlightRadar with this code you can see the ICAO code AT98 and also the 3-letter code WFR.
With this in mind I can’t understand why its not addable, sorry.


Hi Chris,
it seems that flightradar takes this code as icao code but again, this airport has no official ICAO code according ICAO which is the base of the source provider.

When now an airport assigns to this ICAO code officially, than we have a data issue and thats what we should avoid, sorry.

Again, I haven’t found any official reference that this code is really an ICAO code. Flightradar is not a real reference.


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