Add Simbreif Flight Plan to Navigraph in game panel for MSFS

A number of default MSFS planes are having their avionics upgraded but due to licencing issues they can no longer show Navigraph charts in panels i.e G1000/3000/5000/Pro Line etc…

The workaround is the in game Navigraph panel . However, what is missing from the Navigraph in game window is the ability to see my current Simbreif Flight Plan. I have to switch windows to Chrome browser to look at my active Simbreif Flight Plan. I also fly in VR and to do that is immersion breaking.

I would like to request the ability to see my current simbreif flight plan in the in-game Navigraph window for MSFS. That would be a great feature to have for any plane.


Thank you for your feedback. Adding the full Simbrief flight plan (not only the routing) to the Charts apps is indeed on the roadmap. Can’t say exactly when the feature will come.

Kind regards,


Good to know. Thanks Stephen.