Add ability to select gate

Is it an idea to add the posibility when you create a flight in Simbrief to ad to gate on the departure airport?

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My post is slipped in oblivion. :smiley: So a little reminder of my question. :smiley:

Hi, sorry for the delay. We may consider this for a future update.

Out of curiosity, what would be the purpose of this setting? Would be it be to simply display it on the Flight Briefing page, or would it be used in another way perhaps?



First, no appology necessary. That happens, is live and we are all busy.

Especially when you startup MSFS (I do not fly online) it now and again (more often then not) removes the STAR which simbrief has put in the flightplan. And replaces it with a direct to the first waypoint after the star.

I don’t want to fly online, like some people, but although not perfect do want to use the ATC. Therefore one needs to insert the flightplan. But like I said loses it’s STAR when you chose a gate.

Thanks for replying.

Hi Patrick,

When you choose a gate in MSFS, any loaded Flight Plan is recalculated by MSFS.

Please see Flight plan looks different when imported?.


Only when selecting a gate by clicking on it in the map. Not when selecting a gate in the drop-down menu

Hello Ian,

Thank you for that information. I think it is a pity that it does that. I am going to read the link with great interest.

Grtz, Patrick

Thank you! I am going to experiment with that. That may be the solution for me then.

Hi Espen,

Why only online? I do not agree. I started this topic because it is offline a wish.

Hi Patric
My request can be solved by selecting airport/stand first, then load the flightplan, and answer NO to “Move the aircraft to selected airport/stand?”. I therefor remove my suggestions. Sorry for the trouble. Have a safe flight.

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Its challenging to implement a starting GATE location in Simbrief as you’ll have the challenge of custom scenery and GATE numbers/letters not matching. The way I solved that is with this little utility that automatically loads the start location based on a GATE number you put in your Flight Plan remarks section.

Search for GetFP on Github