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I have had Navdata account for years and stayed signed in all the time, Username/password with no problems, now the sign-in screen want’s email/password. I no longer have the original email and i don’t see how to update account setting. thanks

Hello, suggest you go to and your account page. Follow the prompts to recover your e-mail and password.

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How do i recover email i don’t have anymore?

please contact our account-support on in this case. I guess, you have created a new account now, because I don´t see any subscription on your current name (TurbelentTerminal511) and there are another account with an valid/active navdata-only subscription.

So, your “old” user must be transfered now to your new account … so please wrote a short mail with the same details as you have made here to this email-adress. In the best case, please give us your old (which are not active any longer) email-adress and now the new one that we can find you faster in our database.

Thank you very much,

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