A220 on Simbrief

I can’t find the aircraft a220 when planning a flight on simbrief



If you are referring to the FBW A320, please see FBW A320NX not listed in SImBrief aircraft list.

The standard A320 is in the drop down list for aircraft editor


No Ian I’m talking about the new A220 added on infinite flight

Hi, please look in the list for “BCS1 - A220-100” or “BCS3 - A220-300”.

BCS1/BCS3 are the ICAO codes for the A220 models.

You nailed it the first time, thanks again…

Hello! There seems to be a problem with the cruising altitude on the a220-300. Simbrief only gives you FL290 regardless if the route is short or long. Anyway to fix this issue?

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