A few suggestions for the new SimBrief look

Hey guys!
First of all, really appreciated changes came to us, so I would like to thank you! :slight_smile:

I have 2 things what are irritating a bit:

  1. Clicking on the SimBrief name on top does nothing, it should navigate us to the home screen (as well as our name on the right to the account settings):

  2. An option would be cool to get rid of this pop-up on iOS:

Hi, thanks for the feedback! We will consider this for future updates.

Best regards,

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I suggest the + - control zooms centred on the selected waypoint/beacon/airport, if there is one.
Currently it zooms on the map centre, after a few zooms inwards the object of interest can disappear. The problem compounds with a large info-text box, which pushes the display down. The object selected can move to the map edge and disappear quickly. Unintended consequences I’m sure.

I’ve worked on CAD/CAM systems that zoom automatically into small selected features, it really saves a lot of time.

I noticed this on a transatlantic route to KJFK from London. Zooming into KJFK to view the STAR and ILS entry was quite tricky. Or have I missed something?

Of course there maybe a dozen reasons not to zoom into a selected object (or the centre of a group of selected objects). Keyboard modifiers for the unusual case could be used.


Thank you guys! :pray:

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