5% of the airports are missing runway coordinates in the CIFP files


About the Native X-Plane data, I found this related topic :

I noticed too, that 823 airports have missing coordinates for runway thresholds (I have the full list if you are interested).

I understand that these coordinates are not mandatory for the sim to properly load procedures, but they become essential if we want to understand how runways might have been renamed when magnetic declination changed over time.

Moreover, these coordinates provide a strong validation basis for artists to place runways accurately. They are one of the key elements to ensure the airports are modeled accurately in X-Plane.

Finally, given the fact that some runways are completely missing from the CIFP files (for example at 0A7, 1N2, 31A, CAJ9, 5U1, 5NC2, LFEG, KEDW etc…), having missing coordinates makes it almost impossible to avoid certain traps when it comes to determining how runways have been renamed.

I really hope you could fix this in the coming AIRAC updates.

Best regards,
Guillaume AMELINE

the runways are part of the ‘APT.DAT’ file which are not part of the AIRAC updates. So, when you need the thresholds, please use this file, instesd the CIFP files. The runway “information” in the CIFP file has another function amd as you wrote are not mandatory to set.

Also, you can compare the charts with the data to see, if a runway ident is changed or not. Again, you should not validate this against the CIFP files.

Hope that helps

Hi, thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, it is not very helpful.

That is precisely the apt.dat that I am trying to fix, because it does not follow the magnetic variations fast enough… it needs manual editing, Laminar Research approval against some outdated CIFP data and a scenery cut, which can take up to 3 years to properly depict an updated runway name.

Why do the CIFP files contain coordinates for 95% of the thresholds worldwide, then?

It will be used for missed approach when some exist.


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