2 Bugs in ingame panel (maybe also desktop)

I mentioned in the beta it would be great to have runway length display in meters as well as feet. I am happy to see that there is an option in settings, however, this does absolutely nothing. The runway lengths are always given in feet. Can you please remedy this?
In addition, the in game panel will respond to any inputs made in the simulator with some arbitrary reaction, e.g. if I click off navigraph and scroll around the cockpit or flick a switch, the in game panel will open up airports page or pull out the SID information without prompting (its random!)
Any ideas?


The runway length setting affects the runway lists/selectors. Like here in Airports > Information > Runways:

And here, in Flight (when selecting a runway):

Runway lengths will not change on the Jeppesen airport diagrams which are static.

We are aware of the issue where the panel sometimes receives input from clicks outside the frame. We have not seen how the panel itself could control (or prevent this) but we have this on our radar.