Navigraph 8 Wanted Features

Two things I’d like to see. Correct me if they are already implemented:

  1. Runway lengths are all in meters. Here in the US we use feet. Is there a way to change that setting. Otherwise, I have to keep converting.
  2. My list of Recent airports is getting long. Is there a way to clear some or all of these off the list? I can hide the list but they don’t clear.
    Thanks. Excellent product.

Hello Dennis! Welcome to the forum!

With the update released today, you can change your preference in the settings!

I will add your suggestion to our backlog, thank you for the feedback!

Kind Regards,

The meters/feet option was the most important on my list. Many thanks for the update.
The other I can wait for.
You folks are great!

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Thank you for the kind words, have a great day!

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