Xplane11_native_2111.zip - winzip states that "CIFP\CON.dat does not appear in the main WinAZip window




CON.dat is in error and will be removed. The unzip should continue with the remaining files.

Please see CON.dat error on 2111 - #11 by bjorneven


Thanks, but can you send me in the right direction to see how to install the new air cycles each month…I have been with you for a few years and have a hard time every time it’s time to change them. If you go to youtube all of the videos are so old they don’t make much sense. This is for XPlane 11, I use the manual way but still have a hard time getting them into the “Custom Data” properly.

Hi Charles,

Sure. I suggest you download and install FMS Data Manager .

You should be prompted to Scan for Addons, say yes, after which you should have X-Plane 11 and any addons detected. Press Save .

In Addon List, select all and Update. This is a single click for each monthly cycle update.

Maybe try now just to set up. Let me know if you need help. :wink:


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