Xbox virtual keyboard doesn't work multiple airframes

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Virtual keyboard on Xbox series x doesn’t function. Type in airport… doesn’t bring up charts ect. Goes blank. No charts ect. Multiple aircraft have this issue.

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Is this issue only happening on the Charts page? Or can you reproduce it on other pages as well?

Please note that there is no way for us to test anything on XBox - we don’t have any official addons that support this platform. Third-party developers such as FFX have decided to include our plugin in their addons, but we have not heard about this issue from them.

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A few lvfr aircraft have same issue. Aircraft with tablets are 50/50. Microsoft needs a tec reporting app ect. ( anything on Xbox)

Note. I had to uninstall fxx’ s two aircraft I had in sim due to crashes and GPS not working properly in all SIM.

Reinstalled fxx. Works fine as mentioned. Thanks you

Fxx still broken. Navigraph linked… stuttering. Nav off n froze crash.

Hello again!

I am not following, sorry. As mentioned there is nothing that we can do in terms of helping out with issues that only occur on XBox - there is simply no way for us to test it.

This sounds like something you should report to FFX! They definitely have better tools available to them to investigate the issue.

I am a bit lost. Are you saying that the simulator started stuttering and finally crashed after linking your Navigraph account?

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