Would like to request a Spirit (NKS) OFP format

I run a several hundred user strong Spirit virtual airline (vspirit.io :slight_smile: ) and our platform is integrated with SimBrief’s API for dispatch services. One thing that would be a huge addition to immersion for us would be if there were a Spirit OFP format that we could use, we’re currently roughly approximating it using the UAL '18 format. I could potentially procure some examples to work from if the SimBrief team wouldn’t be able to get one through other means. Is there any formal process to request new OFP formats? Would greatly appreciate this being considered, please!


Currently I’m not sure when the next OFP layout might be added. They are quite time consuming to make, and as you can imagine I’ve already had requests for pretty much every airline format that exists.

I’ll add your request for NKS to the list, but I can’t say if or when it might be added at this point unfortunately. Currently the focus is on improving other aspects of the system.

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