Won't update to cycle 2014

I was on the last rev of cycle 2013 and played MSFS for a few days (over the course of several reboots) after the update to 2014, but it didn’t appear that I ever received the update to cycle 2014. I checked the Navigraph app (the one used to install/remove Navigraph from MSFS 2020) and I also checked in the content manager in the sim. Both showed cycle 2013. My understanding from the beta documentation is that the updates should be automatic, without having to use the FMS data manager app.
I just removed Navigraph using the app and reinstalled it and now I’m on 2014.
Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong in terms of updates, or is the proper update procedure to remove and reinstall? Thank you.



You only use the Beta installer for MSFS as per FAQ - Navigraph MSFS Navdata Update Beta Installer .

It isn’t automatic. When a new AIRAC Update is released, in Beta 19 or later installer:
Press Remove and Install and you should be updated to latest AIRAC.


Got it. Thank you, and happy new year!

And a Happy and Healthy 2021 to you.


I have beta 19 installed. I clicked “Remove” and removed cycle 2013.
I then clicked “Install” and when it finished it said cycle 2014 was installed.
When I launched FS2020 and started a flight with the A320NX the data page on the MCDU says I still was on the 2013 cycle.
Did the same procedure twice with the same results.
Not sure what is going on here. Any Ideas?

Hi Rod,

Welcome and Happy New Year.

The Data Page of the MCDU is not being updated by the Sim even though we provide the data.

You can check your have updated by seeing FAQ - Is the Beta Update Installed?


OK, Thanks Ian. Good to know I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

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