What Is Available In Simbrief Download And FMS Data Manager

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Some of us still use FS2004, with FS Build as a facility.

I am slightly disappointed that the FMS Data Manager gives an option to update the FS Build database for each AIRAC, but yet you haven’t added an FS Build download on the SimBrief Downloader.

Also slightly disappointing that you include FS Navigator on the FMS Data Manager, but not update FS2004 data.

Would it be possible to tie these all in so I can have at least an FS Build route download available on the SimBrief Downloader? I’m already paying £90 for the package. I don’t mind an extra £5 for it all to coincide.


Sorry, in my haste to publish, I meant FS Navigator, NOT FS Build.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

If I recall correctly, FS Navigator should be able to import the FS2004 .pln format. If so, in the SimBrief Downloader, you can enable and export the FS2004 format for use with FS Navigator.

From my research, FS Navigator’s own format is a binary one and therefore we can’t implement it without some technical documentation from the developer. Given the age of the program, that info is likely no longer available.

Regarding the internal FS2004 nav database, while Navigraph cannot update this itself, you might be interested in Hervé Sors’ FS9 Navaids Update project.

We can’t give any specific guidance on how to use or install it (since we didn’t create it), but there is documentation provided on his website. I recommend reading it before installing since there are a few limitations that come with it.

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Sadly, FS Navigator can only export plans. It can’t import them - unless someone knows of an add on that can do it.

I can use FS2004 flight planner, as Simbrief does download to that. Sadly, adding points (Such as the LAVNO arrivals to the STAR at EGLC) is not possible - and Simbrief doesn’t add them either.

So I am kind of stuck with copy/paste the route, transfer it to FS Build, which can then send directly to FS Navigator. It is a shame, as Navigraph can update both FS Navigator and FS Build. It is a pity it can’t develop a flight plan for them.

The FS9 Navaid Package was useful though - Thank you.

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