Weird anomalies in app

I’ve been having weird anomalies for some time in the Android app. They usually go away temporarily if I pan or zoom.
I’ve tried to both delete cache and data and reinstall the app without success. I’m running the app on a Samsung S22+.
Anyone with any ideas what might be the reason? I don’t see the anomalies when I use charts through Chrome browser.

Hi! Welcome back to the forum!

Unfortunately, we have seen this once before. I say unfortunately because that case was on the exact same type of device, and we investigated it without any success. It seems to be something specific to the S22, and it happens during the rendering process (on the GPU) out of our control.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but we have not been able to solve this despite looking into it!
Perhaps a future Samsung OS update will fix it!

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Ahh okay,
Thank you for quick reply!


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You’re welcome! Again, we’re sorry about the inconvenience!