Charts on Android (Samsung Tab S8+) doesn't turn off

Perhaps I could have worded that better, I don’t mean I want the app to quit, but unless I turn the screen off myself, or hit the home button or somehow get the screen away from the app, it will keep going and going and going, and if I don’t notice, well… I will when I come back and the battery is at 0 LOL…

Is this supposed to be that way? Some setting I’m missing? I don’t mind if it stays on a little longer than what any other app might, I mean if I’m in the middle of handflying an approach in IMC, I don’t necessarily want it to time out, but maybe an option to turn it off after a designated amount of time, or a countdown timer or something?

Just thinking out loud, assuming of course it’s supposed to do that to begin with!

PS… The thread got closed, but I have not noticed any further issues with the app. Not sure if it updated or not, but the flaky behavior is gone. Whatever it was, it wasn’t limited to just charts, it made my whole tablet unstable until I rebooted it, so I’m very glad it’s fixed, my gratitude to whomever did it.


It is likely this setting:

Could you disable that and try again?