Weight ATR72 -600

the weight characteristics of the ATR 72 600 in the Simbrief profiles are compliant but are different from those accepted by ASOBO for this aircraft.
I created a personal profile to work around the problem but
is this an MSFS2020 bug? do you have any information about this? THANKS

Hi, have you tried using the provided “Microsoft (MSFS) - Hans Hartmann ATR” airframe? The weights should match as far as I know.

Also make sure you are using the same units in MSFS as in SimBrief (KG bs LBS).

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I am using the “Microsoft (MSFS) - Hans Hartmann ATR” profile but actually, I did not use identical units.

I’m confused.

Thanks and again sorry


I have the Hartmann profile, I am in KG but the problem is that the maximum tolerated weights are not the same.

if I try to enter the ZFW from Simbrief I get an error "No Allowed

You’re using the ATR72 (seventy two) profile in simBrief and he ATR42 (forty two) in MSFS.



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Oupss ! sorry to bother you.

What a scatterbrain! I am



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