Weather Overlay In Game panel

Is there a tech reason why the weather overlay is not available in the in game panel…?
Its a great feature but if you are in VR its basically not available unless (as I do ) we bring the ACTUAL app into VR (which is crazy)
Would love to hear your thoughts if this is ever going to work in the in game panel…

any thoughts anyone?

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Yes, the Coherent web engine that MSFS uses is technically far behind modern browsers; when functions from the other Charts apps are missing, it is usually because of that platform’s technical limitations, such as its lack of support for WebGL or general performance issues. That said, we might look into possible workarounds to perhaps bring some of the layers in the future, but I cannot guarantee anything as of now :slight_smile:

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Thanks Markus…I though it may be something like that …fingers crossed you find a workaround in the future …appreciate the reply !