WARNING- Moderators, please read- possible scammers in here

I posted a request for help about Simlink here: Simlink new version wont connect- Mac OS

Then i got a DM from a guy that says is from Navigraph support and wants to remotely access my computer to solve this. This is shaddy has hell. BEWARE. Check attached image. Is a screenshot of the DM

Vishal is a Navigraph member and not a scammer. He is the responsible person for the Simlink app. Normally, we don´t offer a 1:1 support but in some cases, we must do this and therefore the offer to you via a DM.

Again, this guy is a Navigraph member/employee and you can take his offer, or not but he and all other team-members trying to help here. For the next time, look on his profile first before you wrote such postings …

Thank you very much,
Richard (also a Navigraph team member and exactly in the same position as Vishal)

Don´t take it personally, usually, and has you know forums like these people don´t ask for remote access. So much scamming online that somethings are suspicious. Thanks for the reply anyway

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