VOR NDB problem

Cannot fix VOR KHG to this route OKBK SESRU G669 KHG A788 SYZ G452 RK G202 MERUN G452 LKA VIDP. It always shows the KHG VOR is not on G669 although it is. It occurs to me that when the name of VOR and the name of NDB are the same, this problem happens. But the real problem is that when I choose the VOR instead of NDB into the route, It always says the VOR is not on the airway. Very strange! need your help. Thank you.

I’m having the same issue with this route: YMML KEPPA UH336 NATYA J19 BHI T25 TNK J30 TN J251 DN A461 BUTPA R590 AMN A461 ZAM A583 SABNO V542 SUKER V551 HOCKY V542 CYBER V551 BETTY VHHH

The route works fine in the aircraft FMC, in Simbrief etc. However in navigraph charts it doesn’t recognise BHI, TNK and TN as being on the airways. All are co-located VOR & NDBs.

(KHG sits on A788) try typing this in OKBK SESRU A788 KHG G669- thence. Let us know.


Hello looking at your route: I can replicate this issue. Yes BHI should be the break point to transition to T25. I will let the team know. Same with (TNK)


I have tried, but the KHG is not on A788 as you see the picture below.

I am sure it’s the problem of VOR and NDB togetherness and I have encountered this several times. So I hope support team can look into this issue more carefully. thanks.

Cheers thanks Jason, appreciate you looking into it.


We have issued a fix in our route calculator now, and this issue should be resolved. Please verify!



Hi Stephen,

Just gave it a try with the same YMML-VHHH route and I can confirm it worked, no error message this time, and BHI, TNK and TN are accepted as being on the airways.

Thanks very much for sorting this out.


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