Viewing in X Plane VR

Please would you advise me how to view the charts in x-Plane VR other than using AVITAB. I used to be able to see the charts and interact with them using MoveVR which was perfect for me. I either used the PC downloaded charts saved as a PDF or the online charts. The online charts were best as they were fully interactive. I use Move VR for other VR cockpit inputs which is so much more adaptable that AVITAB.
While the new format has some really good features I found the old format better although I would adapt to the new format if only I could see it in VR.
Thank you in anticipation

I’ve been banging my head against a wall, too.

  1. Download Navigraph desktop app
  2. Download and install MoveVR.
  3. Disable Game Mode in Windows.
  4. Set Navigraph desktop app to Windows 8 compatability mode (this was the magic breakthrough for me).
  5. Use MoveVR plugin in VR to open Navigraph desktop app