VHHH Runway 07L/25R charts

Hi, the new 3rd runway at Hong Kong became operational today.

I understand there’s some MSFS logic out of your hands which dictates whether the navdata will be available in the aircraft, but separate to that issue, there are no charts available for the new runway in the Charts app. This includes all ILS & RNP approaches.

Is this simply a case of non-current charts not being included in the navigraph distribution? I ask because these charts have been available directly from Jeppesen (FD Pro) for a couple weeks. Can we expect these with the next database update?


Yes, you can … we are updated the charts also all 28 days and not shorter - therefore you can expected the updated charts with the AIRAC 2207, next week.


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Brilliant. Also appreciate the speedy response. Cheers.

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