Users guide to better understand Jeppesen charts

Is there somewhere a users guide to understand the Jeppesen charts that Navigraph provides ?


Please see FAQ - Introduction to Navigraph Charts


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Thanks but the link to download the PDF file seems to be broken.

Hmmm, no problems for me.

Try .


In addition to the guide to our software provided by Ian, here is Jeppesen’s own guide for the actual charts themselves:



Yan thanks but I cannot download from the link you give me hereabove. But I could download from the link of your e-mail I received ! Mystery of systems.
Stephen thanks this is exactly what I was looking for better understanding Jeppesen charts.
And had no problem for downloading from your link.
Again thanks both of you.

You can also check our own series located here: [Airport Chart Reading for Beginners Part 2 - YouTube]