Updating navdata Airac cycles

Hi: I just subscribed to Navigraph Charts earlier this month and am very happy with it. I have a question that you can help me with. I am trying to update the msfs 2020 navdata using the navigraph 1.0.0 beta 19 so they match and i am trying to figure it out. After I close navigraph charts then open the navigraph navdata program a window opens up which shows packages which is flight simulator base navdata AIRAC Cycle 2013 rev 4 and displays a remove button. Do i just hit the remove button and the program will remove rev 4 and replace it with rev 5 all by it self or do i have to download the revision package 5 from some where on the navigraph site? Just making sure that i don’t mess things up so any help will be appreciated. Thanks Al Skorich

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Hi Al,
first of all, welcome here in the forum and of course welcome in the world of navdata :wink:

To update the navdata for your MSFS2020 to the current cycle 2013 revision 7 do following:

  • start the Navigraph Navdata client
  • press the REMOVE button (this removes the current installed dataset)
  • after that, press INSTALL to install the newest one

It’s currently no automatism, so whenever a new revision or a new cycle comes out, you must remove the previous one via the client and install the current/new one.

Hope that helps a little bit. Don’t hesitate to contact us again, whenever you have a question.

Merry Christmas

Hi Richard: Thanks very much for the info. It worked perfectly. Merry Christmas Al Skorich

It wont reinstall, ,I get this error message,“cannot read property ‘files’ of undefined”

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