Updating Nav Systems for 2 aircraft


I see the plane that I would like to upgrade the Nav system for listed under “Carenado” but not for Aerobask (Phenom 300) exec. jet Does this mean it can still be updated as not listed under the same
developer? The other plane I want updated Nav for is the E-175 Embraeur which is listed.

Can a Nav update be purchased one-time? I really don’t need a monthly subscription. The nav system in the Phenom is from Sept 2010 which was not known at the time of purchase.
I run XP11 Win 10 5GHZ processor 64GHZ RAM 6GHZ Graphics card.



Could be yes, but when it’s not listed, I can’t confirm it. Better you ask the devs, if the addon is updateable and when yes, which dataset is it using and the correct location.

I guess, this addon uses the default XP dataset in the XP default location. So when you update your XP11, you will automatic be on the same AIRAC in the addon. But again, this is only an assumption and should be verified from the devs.

Yes, cancel your subscription immediately after the order. In this case, you have only access to the purchased cycle period and the subscrption doesn’t renew.

Hope that helps

Hi Richard,

Thank you for answering my questions. I will go back to Aerobask on the dataset for the Phenom 300 and ask them if the Garmin 1000 is updateable that they have in the plane. The Embraeur is using XP default so that can be updated, no problem and is listed in the Navigraph add-ons listing.

I will take your suggestion to do a subscription and then cancel, once I find out if the Phenom is updateable.

Thanks again,


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