Update Prepar3D v5 Stock Database with Navigraph

Dear Support Team from Navigraph,

I would like to ask, if this excellent Navigraph Update Service can be extended to update the Prepar3D v5 Stock database, similar to the stock database of X-Plane?

I know that in another forum topic Richard said, that until now Navigraph does not update the Prepar3D stock data. But what is the reason, why Navigraph does not update the core/stock data from P3D, as it can be done for e.g. X-Plane?

With the tool fsAerodata it is indeed possible, but sadly, this service ends with end of year 2021 and this is a problem.

So technically the update process of P3D stock data should not be a problem, are there any special reasons? Prepar3D restrictions, costs, good will or whatever…?

I am discussing the same topic in a P3D forum, but they tell me to ask Navigraph about providing the update service for P3D, after my question why P3D is not able to receive Navigraph updates yet…

So what preconditions are needed to make this really important and way overdue topic, the update of P3D stock data via Navigraph, possible?

If these preconditions are fulfilled, no matter what preconditions as there are no problems that cannot be solved anyway, when would it be realistical to expect this feature, e.g. at least until the end of the year?

Only the combination of actual (up to date) FMS data of an addon-aircraft AND the simulator stock data makes sense from my opinion.

Thanks in advance for your infos,

best greetings from


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Hi Robert,

Thank you for the suggestion which we shall consider. Some of the updated data is provided through the addons. You can get updated navaids at the link in FAQ - Navigraph updates for FS9, FSX and P3D.


I would definitely be interested in this.

With fs aero data out of the picture we need a substitute.

I’m already paying for fs aerodata, so I wouldn’t mind if there was an additional charge (hopefully a small one) for this service.

There is a way to update some of the data for free, but that does not offer the same full update of everything like fs aerodata.

Would buying them/him out, like sim brief be viable?



Thank you for the suggestion. As I mentioned we shall consider the option to update stock data.



Hello Ian,please take the issue of updating P3D (in my case v3) very deep into consideration as I do believe we are a lot of fsaerodata users through Navigraph subscriptions who relay on this update every month in order to properly work with our sims. Be this post one more signature so you guys take that p3d data block update into your targets for next year as fsaerodata terminates as you sure know by December this year.
Thank you so much indeed

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