Unable to find the correct download for the Aerosoft A319/A320 (FSX)

manualy downloaded airac 2101 for Aerosoft A319/320 has no option to update on FSX only

Hello Theodorak! Welcome to the forum.

I see, this is our fault actually. You downloaded the installer for the Professional version (Not available for FSX). No wonder really, as we had failed to properly display all the options for the Aerosoft airbuses.

Please have a look again now. They should be correctly labeled as below. I have highlighted the options that are relevant to you. Let me know if you experience any more issues!


I am now unable to find a Manual download update for the above aircraft operating FSX-se. The installer only give a selection for P3D v4 and P3D v5.

Hello Bryan! Welcome to the forum.

I have moved your post to this thread, as it seems to address the same issue. Please see my answer above for an explanation and solution!


Everything works o.k now !

Thank you!

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