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Great job you have done with this great tool to improve our experience in the different simulators available, I have two requirements and they are the following.

  1. Making several flights with the Dash 8 400 (FlyJsim latest version for Xp11) I have realized that the system calculates too much fuel for the route to be taken and after landing there is a lot of remaining fuel, I would like a review of the fuel parameters that are set in the system on the DH8D.

  2. Having a payload that is more “random” in general, the system always gives you a payment load of 80 to 95 or 100% in most flights, with this achieving more variety with respect to the number of passengers or load thrown by the system when generating the operational flight plan.

Thank you so much.

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

  1. The Q400 profile is accurate based on the data we have. It’s possible that the FlyJsim rendition burns less fuel than the real thing, if so you can tune SimBrief’s fuel estimates using the Fuel Factor option.

  2. The system is tuned to favor fuller loads, since most airline flights these days are relatively full. But I have updated the randomizer to be a bit more random.

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