Transitions missing in CRJ Prof

Hey there,

I feel there are some Transitions missing in the CRJ Prof. from Aerosoft
If I wanna fly to EDDL and use the Transition DOMUX23 or DOMUX05 I can´t find them in the FMS. Only available are the STARS, in this case only DOMUX2G is selectable.

Can someone help?

CRJ Prof.
Latest AIRAC FEB/MAR 2021

Especially in Europe you will find many SIDS/STARS are runway or runways specific. Since you select the departure or arrival runway first in the process, you will be presented with ONLY the SIDS/STARS valid for your selected runway. In order to dig more in depth you would need to specify the runway you selected.

Correct, these are approach transition and not STAR transitions. Means, you must select a runway/approach first to select the transition to it.

How this works in the CRJ, I don’t know but this is a handling question and not a navdata question. Both approach transitions are included in the dataset.