SWA runway wind data

A month or so ago I noticed runway wind is no longer available in SWA when creating a flight plan. Will this be fixed anytime soon?

No it will not be “fixed” because this is 100% correct to real world SWA Dispatch Operations Manual and Company Standard Practice. As stated before this is 100% normal and realistic. In the dispatch world we calm the wind intentionally to get a more restrictive MRTW and MRLW (max runway takeoff weight and max runway landing weight). It is much better to plan more restrictive and the pilots run their numbers and have no weight issues than for us in dispatch to plan the actual winds and at the time the flight runs their numbers the flight is now over weight and we have to take a delay and bump payload/kick off passengers in order to takeoff. This is why we do not plan takeoff or landing winds on the dispatch release.

I hope this answers your question:)

EDIT: Also just a heads up, this release you posted is technically not legal as it is a FLAG OPERATION and you are missing the 10PCT fuel on your release. You need to select the new “FAA (FLAG)” option in the fuel reserve policy dropdown for ALL FLAG operation flights and the “FAA (Domestic)” option in the fuel reserve policy dropdown for ALL DOMESTIC operation flights. If you don’t know if the flight is DOMESTIC or FLAG, select “FAA (Auto)” option in the fuel reserve policy dropdown.

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