SVMI Runways

If you would please check on the charts for SVMI (Simon Bolivar International). The charts (approach, airport, etc.) show that there is both 10/28 Left and Right runways. All my research shows that there is only the 10/28 runway and the 10R/28L runway is a taxiway. It showed up as only having the 10/28 runway in XPlane 11. I haven’t gone back and checked XPlane 12 or MSFS 2020.

Thank you.

Hello! Thank you for the feedback!

The Venezuelan AIP seems to agree with us in that there is indeed two parallel runways:

Here is one of the charts directly from the AIP, referencing RWY 10L:

Unfortunately, I can’t link directly to these documents. But I can link to the latest cycle in their eAIP! You can find it here: eAIS Package for VENEZUELA Specimen published on dd MON yyyy

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thank you for checking. The parallel runway shows up in Xplane 12, but not in MSFS 2020 or Xplane 11. I’m assuming that somewhere between the release of MSFS and Xplane 12 the second runway was added? It also does not show up in the Google satellite imagery, which is why it does not show up in MSFS. Skyvector, Flight Aware, as well as a lot of other information on the web only shows the single runway.

Thanks again for checking.

Jack Bates

I unfortunately can’t speak to the sources of those simulators and how often they are updated, but for X-Plane, there is the Scenery Gateway and soon something similar will exist for MSFS too. You should be able to add it there if you want to!

You are welcome, happy to help!

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