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Please consider adding support for those of us using XPlane in Linux. Currently your manual downloads for data is all that is available for use.

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You have not added any details in your post, so it is hard to understand exactly what you are asking for.
Would your wish be covered by this already existing topic?

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Hello Malte,

When I say to add support for Linux, simply look at the platforms on which your products will run. You cover Windows, Mac, Android OSes but there is no product that will run on the Linux OS. Every new AIRAC cycle, I go to Navigraph and manually download the data for the products I use. I run XP12 over Linux, and YES, I did purchase XPlane BECAUSE it had Linux support (even if I used Windows OS, I would use XPlane). One of the biggest fallacies is that Linux users won’t purchase products for Linux.

Even without support or products for my sim on Linux I will continue to purchase the Navigraph product. It does integrate into the airport display program. I can at least see the Jeppessen plates.

What would be really awesome is to run Navigraph flights that were linked into the sim flight so the weather and traffic could be seen on an Android (and/or iOS) pad as the flight progressed.

Thanks for listening.


Owen Hunter

Lakewood, WA USA

Hello Owen! Thanks for the clarification.

It does seem like your request would be covered by the mentioned topic! That’s good news since the topic already has 25 votes from other users with a similar interest. Make sure to head over there and add yours too (press the “Vote” button in the top left) to increase its visibility!

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