Subscription for FMS data only

Has the subscription change to only “Unlimited”?
I used to subscribe to get the FMS airac data and not the charts.
However now I can not get that option by itself, what am I doing wrong.
Please assist!


Please see Navdata only subscription? - #2 by NAVData



Thx a lot for your quick response. As I read that post I think I am having the same issues others have.
The link for the Navdata only does not show on my page. I saw the links for only the upgrades and I had already clicked on even though I only wanted to updated my payment as the cc was expired. Now I am subscribed to the ULTIMATE even though I only wanted the Navdata.
Is there a way to reverse that?
Thx once again for your patience and timely responses


You might like to try the new Charts 8 and moving maps functionality. We have many positive reviews.

Otherwise, you should be able to downgrade at Your Subscriptions. If not please send an email to with your request.


Sounds like a plan.
I must say I am very impressed with the quick responses on here. I will be giving feedback on my experience soon.

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