Strange runway with Aerosoft Antarctica 2

I purchase Aerosoft Antarctica 2 recently. When I go to Wilkins (YWKS) I get this strange ridge appearing, if I remove Navigraph the ridge disappears. I have included the priority settings here.
Antarctica Issues.docx (2.8 MB)

I have also followed the stop/start sim reinstalled the AIRAC cycle steps from a previous similar issue to no effect

Hi and welcome at Navigraph,
please can you upload your content.xml file here, that we can cross check the settings.

Thank you very much,

Good morning, bizarrely, it seems that overnight this has changed without any further intervention by myself

…this was not the case when I contacted the Navigraph team, very confused but glad it is now resolved ???, thank you for contacting me

Warm regards


Content.xml (492 Bytes)

Thanks KB for the update … however, I have checked your content.xml file (thanks for that) and with the ordering seems to be correct, so it should be work - as you confirmed now.

Thanks again for the update, I marked your posting as “solution” :wink:

Have a nice day,

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