Strange message on VFR map near YSSY

The VFR map southwest of YSSY at a close zoom level about 8nm contains a strange text message:

Do not litter or use sunscreen, both damage the ecosystem

Where on earth does this originate?


From OpenStreetMap, from where we get place names. Is there no village by that name? :blush:



Heheh, no. There’s no place at that location. It’s forest.
Looking at OSM I can’t see anything there just east of Heathcote. It seems to be directly between Heathcote and Mount Ball. There’s several walking tracks there which lead to Karloo pond - I wonder if there’s a map note on that point or something but I can’t see it to save my life in OSM editor.

Ironically, the karloo walking track page on the NSW government page says to bring sunscreen…