Simlink not seeing charts

Hello i have P3dv5 Simlink is installed and running, nav chats running click on arrow to display plane on map. Message reads Could not connect to simulator Simlink needs to be running.

Hi …,


Please restart machine, and post a screen shot of Simlink Status page accesses from Simlink icon bottom right near clock.


Hi @karajr ,

Please check the following points to identify the issue and fix it.

  1. Make sure you successfully installed Simlink Plugins from the Simlink application.
  2. In the Simlink and Navigraph Charts applications, please log in with the same Navigraph user.
  3. While starting the P3D there is one popup that will ask to allow the Simlink Plugins to run in P3D, please allow it.
  4. If you want to check Simlink Plugins were installed correctly then, close the Simlink application and start the P3D, The Simlink application will automatically start with the P3D simulator.

Please let us know if you still have an issue.


Vishal Ahir

Hello. is this what you are looking for?

I did step 4. and the application did not start.


If Simlink application did not start with P3D simulator, then it was confirm that, Simlink Plugins are not installed correctly.
So, can you please install the Simlink Plugins from Simlink Plugins Settings option.

After install Plugins, please check #4 again


Vishal Ahir

Ok here is a screen shot of the plugins I deleted them and rescaned and 4 did not work. I also deleted charts and simlink reinstalled and that did not work. After reinstall when starting flightsim i did not get any message about allowing simlink?

Thanks Jerry

HI @karajr ,

I sent you PM, please let me know when we can connect.

Kind Regards,

Vishal Ahir

Hello, i have reinstalled and still not working see screen shot of smilink log. i am using P3Dv5.

Hello, I finally found the problem in p3d options addons simlink was not enabled. all good now.


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