Simlink MSFS and long flight

Hi All,

I was experiencing CTD on final after long flights when landing at busy airport.
I tried several times with all addons uninstalled (some times 5 times the same leg as it was part of IVAO WT) with different airplanes, payware and freeware with always the same issue, ending with MSFS closing suddendly when on final or a bit before.
It happened several times on different legs (3 hours + flight minimum) with always an arrival at a busy airports.

Then I stop using Simlink and I could finish all flights I was unable to finish (with all my addons reinstalled)

Before drawing any conclusion; I would like to share this with you and check if you experienced the same issue with the same solution.

If it can help … happy to share

PS: I have 32GB RAM, Ryzen 9, RTX 3090 system

Hi Louis,


Thank you for the information. We are about to release a new Simlink version. After release, please advise if the issue is still there.