Simlink crashes everytime (x-plane 12 on Mac)

Hello, I can not get simlink to function at all on my Macpro cause everytime it crashes during startup.
I have read a lot on this topic here and tried a lot of different variants but still it won´t start.
I will try to attach a file showing the crash-report created if anyone can read out something from it.

My computer setup: (in Swedish)

Modellnamn: Mac Pro
Modellidentifierare: MacPro5,1
Processornamn: 6-Core Intel Xeon
Processorhastighet: 3,46 GHz
Antal processorer: 2
Totalt antal kärnor: 12
L2-cache (per kärna): 256 K
L3-cache (per processor): 12 MB
Flertrådsteknik: Aktiverad
Minne: 64 GB
Boot ROM-version:
SMC-version (system): 1.39f5
SMC-version (processorbricka): 1.39f5
Serienummer (system): CK9410NQBXD
Serienummer (processorbricka): J593800361LUE
Maskinvaru-UUID: 3E5AFCBD-F9A5-5A57-B2EE-F521D3718C8B

Radeon RX 580:

Styrkretsmodell: Radeon RX 580
Typ: Grafikprocessor
Buss: PCIe
Kortplats: Slot-1
PCIe-bandbredd: x16
VRAM (totalt): 8 GB
Tillverkare: AMD (0x1002)
Enhets-ID: 0x67df
Revisions-ID: 0x00e7
Metal: Stöds, funktionsuppsättning macOS GPUFamily2

// Thomas

Process: Navigraph Simlink [5274].pdf (157.6 KB)

Hej Thomas! Välkommen till forumet!

Is that SK15 in your profile picture? Looking good! :ok_hand:

Did you try using the previous version, as mentioned in this thread? Is it still failing, and if so - has it ever worked for you?

Kind Regards,

Hej Malte och tack för välkomnandet!

Yes that´s a SK15 in my picture (Klemm 35) that i got to fly when i turned 50 a few years ago.
A nice experience indeed.
Regarding my problem with simlink i actually solved it myself this morning in the same way that you mention but i found another link with a Beta version that worked.
Simlink new version wont connect- Mac OS - #17 by vishalahir

Kind Regards,

Looking sharp! I can imagine, nothing quite like the wind rushing past you in an open cockpit like that!
And lots of historical value too of course, it is a cool aircraft!

I am happy to hear that you got it resolved! Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for providing the links for others to see if they happen to stumble across this themselves! I will mark your post as the solution :+1:

Kind Regards,

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