Shouldn't IFR flights have a 45 minute reserve?

It’s not something I check every flight, but when I do, it seems like the flightplans are spitting out VFR reserve levels…

Yes? No? Maybe?

I think the 45 minute rule is mostly an FAA thing. In most other countries, minimum reserve is 30 minutes for jets and 45 for props.

Therefore, if you fly in the US mostly, I recommend setting SimBrief’s Reserve option to 45 minutes instead of Auto. Consider also saving that selection as the default.

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Thanks! My eyes have just rolled over that field 1,000 times and never saw it before! At any rate, It’s all set, and I’m gonna fly with 45 minutes in my back pocked even in Europe. 30 just doesn’t feel like enough. Hell, for that matter, neither does 45!


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