Screen Freeze with Navigraph Beta

I have downloaded the latest Navigraph Beta today and installed AIRAC cycle 2014.

When I now open the sim and go into the Airbus (I have the flybywire stable build installed), the screen freezes after 5-10 seconds.

I uninstalled all my community packages and then added the flybywire again. The problem then went away, until I reinstalled the Airac cycle on Navigraph when it came back.

It also freezes when there is nothing else installed in my community folder.

Anyone else having issues like this, or know a workaround?


Hi Karl,
two requests/questions:

  1. You are using the latest client beta 19? Right?
  2. Please can you upload your content.xml file?

You will find the correct location of the content.xml in the FAQ here: FAQ - Location/Path of content.xml package file

Thank you

Here is the file - I have been using the correct client I think - downloaded from here Release notes - Navigraph Navdata Client

This is the file without the beta installed:
Content.xml (4.0 KB)

This is the file with the beta installed, I don’t know if that makes a difference.
Content.xml (4.0 KB)

Thanks for the fast reply.


Thanks Karl, the content.xml file looks good so far. Does this freeze happened with the default A320 also? Further, do you see this freeze with any other aircraft also?


I’ve discovered that this seems to happen only at Nadi Intl (NFFN) which is very bizarre. I’ve just completed a flight EGCC-EGLL and it worked fine!

NFFN was the airport I first loaded when I first installed the beta.

It does also happen in the default A320 at NFFN.

I’m unsure if the problem will also happen at other airports.


Good hint Karl, thank you very much. CTDs on a special airport are normally due bad procedure codings. So, it’s now my part.

Please be patience, I must check and analyze it …
Thanks again foe your help - will come back here

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Brilliant, thank you for your help.


Karl, I can reproduce your report at NFFN - I will made some analyzes now …

I just wanted to update on this. I waited during the screen freeze for about 3 minutes and it unfreezes and I am able to complete the flight.

I set up the flight using navigraph .pln file.

I am noticing now and again it is still stuttering a little during the flight, but it gets better the further into the flight I am.

Best wishes


Thanks Karl, still under testing but I still have an idea, how I can fix this (it´s not really a navdata issue, but more later, when I can really confirm and reproduce my assumption).
Anyway, thanks for your help to sort it out …


Hi there, wondering if you have an update on this issue. I have created an airport missing from the sim (NVSS) and when I load it in with the Navigraph data installed it has the same problem as here. Freeze also happens as I fly to the airport from another at around 30 to 40 miles out. No issues running it without the data and no issue from my departure airport (NVVV) which is also a freeware scenery with Navigraph loaded.

Yes, the reported issue with NFFN was fixed mid of January, sorry forgotten to answer it here. Have not reproduce this issue any more.

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