Route selection in Bangkok FIR

Dear DevOps,

I would like to ask about route selection in the Simbrief dispatch system. Currently, I saw that it would auto-select the route that was previously used by other users instead of the correct one.

For example, when we try to plan the route for VVTS - VTCC, this route is a common route right now in IVAO since there is a world tour using this leg. The dispatch system suggests route “SAPEN R468 BKK A464 ENBAT”. This route is outdated for both Bangkok FIR and Phnom Penh FIR.

Why they are wrong, start with R468, this is the conventional route at low altitude. If aircraft has RNAV 2 capability, they should use P629 (One-way RNAV route) when flying over Phnom Penh.

Second, route A464 is also for low altitudes as stated in AIP Thailand ENR 1.10: A464 - Bi-directional - Between BKK-CMA (VICE VERSA) available for flight planning at FL280 and below.

So, the correct route for this one should be “SAPEN R468 ELMOP P629 BKK Y6 MARNI”

I am not sure if the system can recognize the minimum altitude and suggest the correct route for the pilot. But if they can please provide this information to the system.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information if needed.


Hi, thanks, I will add SAPEN R468 ELMOP P629 BKK Y6 MARNI to the route database.

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Thanks a lot, Developer.

I have one more question. If I found another route that does not fly in the real world. How should I send a bunch of the real-world routes to you?

  • Could that be in CSV format or any format?
  • Should it contain references for each route?


Hi, the easiest would be to simply post any routes here. Please include:

Departure airport
Arrival airport
Whether this route is for Props or Jets
The route
The minimum altitude (optional)
The maximum altitude (optional)

For example:

Origin Destination Aircraft Route Min Alt Max Alt

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