Route not showing up on the large map

Flight route is not showing up on the large map (“view a larger map” option on the small map). Once “route” is selected on the large map, I get an Alert stating that I need to use “Analyze Route” button in order for the route to show up. There is no “Analyze Route” button on the large map - such button only exists on the main Dispatch page containing the small map. Selecting “Analyze Route” on the main Dispatch page does nothing to the large map and I get the same Alert message as before and no route.Screenshot 2021-09-05 070909

Hi, thanks for the report. This is a known limitation, but I’ll look into whether it can be improved somehow.

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I’ve reprogrammed the map zooming function, the flight route should show up now when zooming.

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Hi, Once I generate the flight plan using waypoints and route, its shows as a straight line on the map without the enroute waypoint and same loads into FMS.

Hi, make sure you have the “Detailed Navlog” option selected.

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Thanks a ton, it worked.

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